Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 New Year's Day Matilda's Estate Winery Gig!

New Years Day awoke a little bleak, grey and showery to say the least. This was not what I had been looking forward to as we had been booked to play an outside gig at the Matilda's Estate winery by events manager Jon Finneran. Traditionally a large crowd turns out for this gig and it was looking like the weather might ensure the numbers choosing to attend could be severely diminished. As I was driving to Matilda's it started to drizzle again even though the forecast was for the weather to clear. It was not looking good but I was determined to enjoy myself as is my motto for every gig we do! There were just a few people milling around when I arrived including Max and Todd, both of whom were seriously concerned about the weather. I said don't worry it is going to clear only to receive some derisory expressions of disbelief in reply. Todd decided he was going to set up on the right side of the stage rather than in the more exposed section provided for the drummer behind the middle of the main stage. This was because the sail erected over the stage did not provide any cover. Ironically, at our previous gig at the White Star, he had ended up with a sunburnt neck from being stuck out beyond the tarp erected over the stage there. Max set up next to me with the back of his bass rig clothed in blue plastic to protect it from the elements. A few more people had rolled in by the time we started but not the crowd we were expecting but the venue was great and the sound was fine so I was enjoying myself. However, as we worked our way through the set list, the punters started to make their appearance and by the time it ended there was already a good crowd in attendance. They just kept on coming until there must have been a good couple of hundred or so who seemed to be in the mood to enjoy themselves. We had no trouble getting back up singers out of the audience for Mustang Sally and, at my urging, it seemed like every single one of the crowd that had now showed up joined in the chorus. There were also good numbers who had decided that they just had to express themselves physically on the area reserved for dancing in front of the stage. By the time we were in to the 3rd and final set Matilda's was pumping and everybody was having a great time. So yes, the weather did clear and by the end of the night it was really quite pleasant. Matilda's owner Steve Hall had very kindly supplied me with Coronas at each break (beer in a winery Robin? What were you thinking?) and after the gig finished we were also provided with a steak sandwich and chips from the Pepper & Salt restaurant. They had run out of burger buns so they used flat bread instead and it was mouth wateringly delicious. As Nigella says "Fat is flavour!" A fitting end to one of the most rewarding gigs we have performed so far. Looking forward to the opportunity to play Matilda's again soon. Thanks for the opportunity Jon!

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  1. Great vibe. Family venue, no drunks and everybody just having a good time.